Perfect pair

For a few months now, one of my main inspirations for art has been Shaun Kardinal and I may have mentioned him already a few times in my previous posts. His works include sewing a variety of patterns in different colours straight onto lots of postcards that have been found in thrift stores. I find his work fascinating and inspiring. It’s what got me interested in embroidery in the first place. Not to mention, about 6 years ago when I was taught how to sew during a “life skills” lesson in primary school, I developed a childish hatred for sewing as I kept making knots in the wrong places, I poked the needle through the wrong hole and couldn’t work my way backwards, and so on. Despite slowly discovering my love for embroidery, I do still have my little technical flaws. Anyway, I’ve been working on art for almost the whole day (actually maybe only for an accumulated time of 2 hours because I’ve been so restless and lazy) and I was just doing some research on Shaun Kardinal when I found out that he has a partner who is also an artist- Erin Frost. An artist couple- how perfect is that? Though I’m not implying that I’d want to be an artist who marries another artist to become the “perfect couple”. What I mean is that the fact that they share the same interests and are able to collaborate with each other is amazing. They can connect both in their work and socially. Also, they have been connected literally too in one of their collaborations.


Kardinal has put together so many intricate and eye-catching works; too many for me to post here, but these are a few:






If you like his work and would like to appreciate more of it, visit his website:

For a joint interview with Shaun Kardinal and Erin Frost, click on this link:

In my second studio piece for IB art, I plan to explore “culture in identity” and “identity in culture” with the help of inspiration from Shaun Kardinal. As I am only at the planning process of the embroidery and patterns, I still have a pretty long way to go. My initial plan was to do some photography and hopefully I will still have time to do that. Back to work now!


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